Chronicles of a Restless Mind

Friday, 2015-09-09

Mental Calendar Math

Explanation of how to find the day of the week for a given date, and random drills to practice doing it in your head.

Sunday, 2014-12-21

Minkowski Difference of Convex Polygons

Demo of the Minkowski Difference between two convex polygons showing the CSO (configuration space obstacle) and how it changes as the polygons rotate.

Saturday, 2014-09-27

Reflection Field

Demo of the angles needed to reflect light from a point source to an eye point.

Thursday, 2014-09-18

Easing Functions

An x/|x| style adjustable sigmoid, and a cubic (the usual cubic? Hermite?) easing function.

Wednesday, 2014-02-26

Farm Door Pictures

Art references for an online discussion: pictures of doors around the farm, and a few other things constructed out of rough lumber.

Saturday, 2014-02-01

Cow Pictures

Ellie is five months old...

Wednesday, 2014-01-08

Seed Search Forms

I collected these a couple of years ago for our personal use. This morning I sent the HTML file to the hightunnels list. Then I realized I should put it online so I don't have to keep sending it out when I make updates...

Saturday, 2013-11-02

On the Perils of Being a Farmer and a Math Nut

Friday, 2013-11-01

Playing with Proto-J

After another evening of playing with it, I figured out a bunch more stuff, so here's a version with more description of the language, as well as some corrections to the commentary on the implementation.

Wednesday, 2013-10-30

The Proto Interpreter for J

A very terse (44 lines of C) little interpreter which was apparently part of the inspiration for the implementation of J. I worked through it and wrote up commentary for my personal edification.

Saturday, 2013-08-17

Strongforth.f 1.2

I noticed the other day that Stephan Becher's homepage seems to have disappeared, so I'm posting a copy of Strongforth.f. For convenience, I have also extracted the HTML documentation from the archive and am making it directly available.

Saturday, 2013-08-10

Caterpillar Pictures

We found an interesting yellow caterpillar this morning, so I took a few pictures.

Sunday, 2013-04-28

Forth to HTML

Here's a quick program to mark up Forth source code with HTML tags.

Friday, 2013-04-19

Building Low Tunnels with Quick Hoops

Tuesday, 2013-04-16

Quick Hoops info

I'm breaking my quick-hoops stuff up into several pages, linked from here. I updated the hoop-bender plans so they should actually show up correctly in everything (except IE, grr) and print reasonably well.

Saturday, 2013-04-06

First Lettuce Sprouting

The lettuce we planted a week ago is starting to come up.

Saturday, 2013-03-30

First Seeding Outside

We cleared the spinach and weeds out of one set of quick hoops and planted the first field lettuce of the year.